Oh, there will be kids!

One thing I know for certain is that we are not having a kid free wedding!

I have four sisters and three of them have kids. I have eight nieces and nephews! It would be a huge pain for them to all arrange for sitters for the kids but more importantly, I could not imagine our wedding without my nieces and nephews all there. We also have other friends and family that have young kids that I would definitely love to have attend.

Not only could I not dream of excluding my nieces and nephews from attending the wedding, but I really want to find a way to include them all somehow. I couldn't possibly choose only a few and leave the others out.

So let's think about this. I have four nieces ages 4, 7, 11 & 13. I also have four nephews ages 1, 3, 7 & 12. I think. They grow so fast!

The two older nephews I think could help at the ceremony with seating guests or passing out programs or something. They are really sweet and always helpful.

I'm hoping my oldest three nieces will be willing to do readings at the ceremony. They are plenty old enough and I think that is something they would enjoy. And of course it would mean so much to us.

That leaves the three youngest. They will probably be ring bearer's and a flower girl. But we are still open to other ideas too.

Katie Bower at All Bower Power had a really cute and unique way of including kids in her ceremony as celebration children. The boys carried bells and the girls carried streamers and went down the isle saying "The bride is coming!!". How cute is that?!

Of course we also have to consider the reception... but that's another post!

Are you having kids at your ceremony/reception? How are you including them?

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