Decisions & Compromises

Weddings are full of them. Planning a wedding requires about 58,392 decisions to be made and in most cases, a number of compromises as well.

One of our first big decisions and compromises came in picking a season for the wedding.

I love fall. I get so excited when it starts to cool down a little and the leaves change colors and everything just feels all cozy.

And the apples. And apple cider!

ohmygod. This post combined with the school supplies they had out at Target today is getting me all excited about fall. And only 2-3 months early!

But this post is about decisions and compromises so as you are probably already guessing, we are not having a fall wedding. 

For one, as much as I like the color of changing leaves, it's a lot of color to have as your backdrop unless your wedding colors are fall colors as well. And the traditional fall colors just don't sing to me for our wedding. I know that there is no law that you must use orange, red, yellow and brown if your wedding happens to occur during the fall months, but we are really hoping to bring the outside in and I feel like there would be a lot of competition between colors.
Source: Me!

We are also really hoping for an outside wedding and NY in the fall can get a little hit and miss with the weather. We've been in t-shirts up until Christmas some years and gotten snow in October some years. It's just a little too risky for me.

No, Thank you!

But the biggest reason? I want our wedding to be an excuse for a big family reunion! One of my sisters lives all the way out in Colorado and we barely get to see her and her family! They come out every few years, when they can, but it never feels like enough. She and her husband have two of the cutest, craziest boys and they grow like weeds between the times we get to see them! I want them to be able to fly out and spend some time out here and not have to worry about coming out for just the weekend or taking the boys out of school for a long time. Along the same lines, I have 8 nieces and nephews and almost all of them are school age. I'd like to avoid making my sisters have to take their kids out of school and/or rush down for the weekend as well.

So while I'm giving up my favorite season for our wedding, it's completely worth it to me. I can already picture our wedding week with all of our family together, hanging out, having fun and getting to spend some warm summer days catching up.

(So I realize that this isn't really a good "family reunion" picture, but I think it's awesome! I really feel like stealing that world tree and sticking it in my wedding designs.)

What compromises have you made? Did you have any happy oh-so-worth-it compromises?

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