Setting Up My Crew

I've been itching to officially ask my bridal party since the day we got engaged. I asked my sister and future sister-in-law over the Winter because I kept getting questions about whether they were going to be in the bridal party and I knew 100% for sure they were, so I just asked.

I know etiquette wise you're supposed to ask everyone at the same time so no one feels like they're the last kid getting picked to play dodge ball but, what can I say? I really wanted to wait until we were closer to the wedding and had actually set a date and venue before I went on inviting people to be in the bridal party. By the time we actually settled on a date I was beyond ready to ask my ladies. I had already designed their cards weeks earlier and I was just waiting to put them together.

Now of course I'm a terrible blogger and never took a picture of the finished card. Can you believe that? I made six of them and never took a picture of a single one. Fail. Oh well, I made you this nice little illustration to give you an idea of what they looked like.

Try not to make fun of my Gimp skillz.

They all said yes and were so excited. Which makes me even more excited. And my bachelorette party? It's going to be crazy. Seriously. I can't wait to get married with my six favorite ladies by my side!

Did you do anything special to ask your favorite people to be with you on your wedding day?

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Dancy said...

Hah! That's funny. I asked a couple of my girls but his sister - we were at a family party and he says, "we don't have to ask her" - I looked at him all confused and he turns to his sister "you know you're in the bridal party right?" she just laughed and said yes. LOL

Miss Cuddlefish said...

I bought cute dress cards from Etsy seller EMTsweeetieWeddings. She even customized them in navy, which is the color my BMs are going to wear. They tuned out perfect and my bridesmaids loved the surprise of getting them in the mail!

k... said...

I wasn't going to do an official ask but now I think I will. I just have to come up with a cute card.