Oh, Hi Love!

Could you possibly be... the ones? The sweet sweet replacement for my long, lost completely-unfindable first love?

The Christian Louboutin Petal shoe - in pink. My first wedding shoe crush love. But as perfect as they are (romantic, light, dreamy, Louboutins) they are also expensive and down-right impossible to find anymore.

So I had sort of given up hope. I was off searching for better other shoes to fill that red-soled space in my heart. And I found these -

Not exactly the same, but still romantic, light and dreamy. Not red-soled, but a whole lot cheaper.

*sigh* Lets just sit and stare a while? mmkay?

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Dancy said...

Ack! I almost bought them too. I might have a happy surprise for you. I checked into a WHOLE bunch of shoes for my wedding & found cheaper options.

It's on my wedding blog, check it out: