The Long Overdue Engagement Story: The Proposal

I'm sure most of you are going to skip the previous long and wordy post leading up to this one and I gotta say, I don't blame you. But, I felt like it needed to be said, and it's important stuff! Now we'll get to the good parts (and the pictures!)
In mid-November I was set to fly out to California with my mom and sister for my aunts wedding. The day I was leaving I came home to find a package notice from FedEx on our door. It said that Sean had a package and needed to come to the warehouse to pick it up and sign for it. I thought it was odd but he had mentioned he bought a bunch of Yankees stuff online so I just figured that was what it was. Looking back he's pretty lucky. I was so distracted by needing to pack and prepare to fly from NY to CA for almost a week that I didn't even think twice about it.

While I was out in California, Sean and I were talking on the phone and he told me the package that came the other day was my Mark Sanchez autographed picture (Jets = ♥). I got all excited about my picture and never gave his story a second thought.

Also, out in Cali, I managed to get myself the H1N1 virus. Yay me!

So, when I returned home I was a hot mess for a few days. And Sean? Would not come near me. Like, would not touch me with a ten-foot pole. And I, hadn't seen him in what felt like forever and since I was sick, just wanted to cuddle up. And everytime I tried to kiss him, he would give me a little peck on the cheek. So I kept asking him when I was going to get a real kiss and he would just laugh (I'm sure he was thinking something like "maybe, when I no longer have to worry about getting the swine flu and spending the next week on the couch feeling like I'm going to die.")

Next thing I knew, it was the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I was finally over my battle with H1N1 and we had a million things to do that weekend. Both of our parents were coming up for Thanksgiving dinner at our new apartment in a matter of days. Sean told me that morning that he wanted to take me out to dinner to a really nice restaurant downtown that we had been wanting to visit for years and would be closing soon. The restaurant was in a really interesting area right near High Falls with a beautiful bridge that overlooks the falls. I thought for just a split second that he might propose that night but I tried to put it out of my mind. I really didn't want to spend every minute of however long it might take for him to propose wondering "Is this it?!"

We needed to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for a roasting pan and some other Thanksgiving supplies. So I took a quick shower, put on just enough makeup to not scare the other customers and threw on a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt. I figured it would get dressed up later for our dinner date but I was uninterested in putting in the effort just to go shopping. As I was getting ready to head out, I heard Sean call my name. I believe I yelled back something incredibly romantic like "What do you want?" (Isn't he so lucky to have me?)

He yelled back "I want to finally give you your real kiss." I slowly walked in, half thinking he was kidding. He pulled me in and finally gave me the kiss I'd been waiting for since I landed in New York. And while I would have been happy with just that, when I opened my eyes he was on one knee with the most amazing ring. He said some sweet words about how much he loved me and then asked if I would marry him. And then, being the classy lady that I am, I responded with "Are you kidding me?" But then, (thankfully) I followed it with some happy tears and an "Of course I will!!"

And now, the official reveal of my engagement ring that I love so much! Part of the reason I've waited so long to post pictures is because I can't get any good pictures with my camera. And don't judge her haphazard appearance too harshly, my ring is now almost a year old and she hasn't been cleaned in weeks!

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