Breaking News!

I've changed the "Buff Bride" tab on the navigation bar to a new "Downloads" tab! It's all set up and live so you can go ahead and click on it.

I've uploaded all of the vendor worksheets that I've created for meeting with possible vendors. Early in my planning I found Miss Fondue's vendor worksheets on Weddingbee and knew that having something similar would be helpful while hiring vendors. I took the worksheets that she had provided and made a few changes and then added new ones by gathering questions from the 'net. The links will open in GoogleDocs but you can also open and save them in Word format if that is what works for you.

And, to address the issue of deleting the Buff Bride tab - I'm still working on getting healthy and I'll still feature things that I find that work for me and I'll update on my progress occasionally. I just don't want it to be a feature of the blog anymore.

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