Getting Organized: Inspiration Overload

I'm sure you are all well aware of this, but when you're planning a wedding, the amount of inspiration out there can be down-right overwhelming. Every single wedding is different and therefore they each lend their own inspiration to what a wedding can be.

When I was first planning and brainstorming, this was awesome! All of the pictures, diy tutorials, blogs, the ideas! But now that we are less than eight months out from the actual wedding day, I realized that I really need to pare down all of that inspiration to just the ideas that I plan on or really might still use. I have a wedding folder on my desktop that contains pretty much all of my wedding related stuff, but I wanted something different to organize all of this inspiration and to help me remember what I wanted to do for specific things.

So, to organize all of my pictures and inspiration I created a master power point file. The first slide is the picture above, our inspiration board. Then, I have slides for a bunch of different wedding items that still need to be bought/designed/considered. It's by no means comprehensive yet, but I feel better already, and I can always add to it as needed. Here are some samples of what's in there:

Oh man. Those images just make me so happy! Soft. Earthy. Romantic. Perfect.

On a side note: I make a point to save all of my inspiration images with their respective sources/photographer credit and usually I will include that information in the post. But, obviously I didn't include all of that information on these slides. However, if you want to know where an image is from or it's yours and you have an issue with me using it, just let me know!

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every little kiss said...

Your inspiration boards are very similar to mine :) Love them!

Dancy said...

They're so pretty. I used the 2 middle pics in the hair board as inspiration too! :)

Miss JD said...

Just found your blog and LOVE your hair inspiration board. It's great. I have a huge folder and need to filter it down to the top five or six... sigh.
Glad I found you blog. Look forward to reading more :D

Samantha said...

@ Every Little Kiss - That must be why I'm so drawn to your blog! We have similar taste :)

@ Dancy - That bottom middle is probably my favorite one of all. I think I've had it since before I was engaged!

@ Miss JD - Thank you! I'm afraid to say that my hair inspiration folder has far too many pictures in it too! The good thing about putting it all into powerpoint is that it forces me to just choose my top favorites!

Jess said...

You are so organized! And you have such great style; I can't wait to see it all come together!