Getting Organized: Yeah, I'm that bride!

I'm that bride, that carries around a giant planning binder. Make fun of me all you want - I love that thing!

It probably weighs five pounds but I lug it back and forth from work every day in my tote bag, I bring it with me when we travel and always bring it with me to vendor appointments. It's basically with me all the time.

Here's what's in it:

A 2" clear binder from Office Max with elastic closures on the corners.

A Vendor Contact List that I downloaded here. I keep this right in the front so I can find all of my important contact info easily without having to flip through the binder.

And the main part of the binder - 32 tabs. Yes, 32 tabs. Here's a quick run-down of the tab categories. I know when I was putting this binder together, I searched all over for what categories other brides had in their binders and didn't really find anything, so I hope this helps someone!

1.Checklists 2. Budget 3. Beauty 4. Bride's Apparel 5. Cake 6. Ceremony 7. Coordinator 8. Decor 9. DIY 10. Favors 11. Flowers 12. Groom's Apparel 13. Honeymoon 14. Hotel Accommodations 15. Logistics 16. Music 17. OOT 18. Paper 19. Parents 20. Photographer 21. Reception & Catering 22. Registry 23. Rehearsal 24. Rentals 25. Sunday Brunch 26. The Kids 27. The Ladies 28. The Men 29. Transportation 30. Videographer 31. & 32. Blank

In between all of those tabs are the templates from Russell & Hazel and any papers or important stuff for that category.

A few clear pocket folders to hold miscellaneous stuff.

And a hole puncher that just hangs out in the back, ready for un-punched papers.

Pretty exciting stuff, eh? Well, it is to me! So don't make fun. Staying organized really helps me enjoy this whole wedding planning process instead of constantly running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

And I think that will end my Getting Organized Series. I'd hate to bore you to death with too much talk of labeling, binders and power point files. What do you do to keep organized?

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Miss Cuddlefish said...

You are totally making me want a wedding binder! I think I'll put one together tomorrow! Thanks for posting this!

Miss JD said...

I have been collecting things to put in my wedding binder for months and am planning on finally putting it together this week! I am super excited... also you have great handwriting (I have to print all my tabs because i hate my handwriting)