Hi Guys!

Happy One-Day-Shy-Of-One-Month-Without-A-Single-Freaking-Post!!!

I've been working on our save the dates (that were supposed to go out last month) and let me tell you, it is not going well. They are a mini-fail in larger fail that is my life right now. I really wanted my next couple of posts to touch on revealing my design, posting a tutorial for how I did them, and actually sending them out. But I can't freaking finish them!

In other fail news. We've barely spent any money on this wedding yet and I've already failed at keeping track of our budget. I got a bunch of stuff for our save the dates and never put half of it in there. So now I have to go back and add everything up again to get a real total. I just can't believe that it's like the third or fourth thing we've bought for this wedding and I'm already losing track.

However, for some delightfully awesome news, we are going on a weekend getaway this weekend and I'm so excited. We're going to Cleveland for the weekend and seeing the Jets crush the Browns on Sunday! No, Cleveland is not the most romantic of getaway spots, but it really doesn't matter to me where we're going. Just that it will be the two of us getting away for a few days and getting to spend time with each other. And that's two days that I don't have to spend trying to recover the mess that I call our save the dates!!

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every little kiss said...

Need help keeping track of where your money is going?

Two words--google. spreadsheet.

OMG. LOVE IT. I've tracked every single cent we've spent so far on this wedding.

Samantha said...

@ Every Little Kiss - I'll have to look into that! Right now I'm using WeddingWindow because we have our guest list and wedding website on there, but it isn't really working out the best. Thanks for the tip! :)